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LIVIN' is a lifestyle company founded by Olivia Kimball. 


Currently specializing in fine-line tattoo and body art, the future of LIVIN' is an expansive catalogue of apparel & jewelry that offers elegance at an approachable price point.


As a driven entrepreneur, Liv Kimball knows the value of reaching your target audience through effective and scalable design. Moreover, the importance of working with people who will advocate for your success. Our team was a seamless fit to guide the branding process so Liv could focus on building her business.

During the design brief, we identified a few key factors essential to the current and future success of building an iconic and scalable brand. ​LIVIN' is a brand for all people, so the key to this design was to balance strong femininity with bold masculinity. 

Inspired by iconic brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada, creating a wordmark logo would accomplish our goals for brand positioning by making a confident visual statement to the target market.

Inspired by icons of fashion and culture. 

Founder Olivia Kimball is a driven, passionate, and strong individual who inspires others to shine forth in their own dreams. When I think of these traits, cultural icons like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe come to mind. The design choices in the word mark and accompanying typeface were inspired by these women and leaders in the modern fashion industry.

After designing a clean and balanced word mark, we began to research a typeface for the sub-brands of LIVIN’. Already inspired by feminine cultural icons, I was pleased to find the elegant typeface Audrey, developed by Cristina Pagnotta, which brought a perfectly balanced femininity to the straight and minimal stroke of the main brand.  

Accessible    —    Scalable    —    Versatile


"Working with Dreamlit Creative was the easiest and best decision I have made. They were so thorough and had such attention to detail. They answered every question that I have had throughout the process and made it all very smooth for me. 


They helped create the exact look I was wanting for my brand, all the while being super down to earth!"

Olivia Kimball, Founder of LIVIN'

Essential oil packaging for Livin' in recyclable box.
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